Our Approach
Avichi pursues multifamily acquisition opportunities where we can unlock value through a myriad of strategies, including improved management, asset rehabilitation, repositioning and creative recapitalization. We focus primarily on apartments in supply-constrained markets. We are income-focused real estate investment firm centered on providing stable, yield-producing investments to our clients. We take an active, personalized approach to portfolio management.
We invest over the mid to long term to get the true benefits of high quality real estate ownership.
Avichi is a fully integrated real estate investment group that identifies attractive acquisition assets, structures and closes the deals, manages the properties and, where needed, repositions the assets. We control our projects from acquisition until ultimate disposition.
Why invest with Avichi ?
Equity investments in real estate projects open up tremendous opportunities for financial gain. For an individual investor, the advantages of a syndicate (group) Investment with Avichi are multi-fold –
  • Choosing the right project to invest in, coming up with an upfront investment, and managing the investment can be time-consuming and difficult. A syndicate (group) investment through Avichi eliminates such a commitment
  • With Avichi, an individual investor does not have to provide the extensive financial paperwork that is usually required if one is buying personal real estate
  • An individual investor’s risk is only limited to the amount of investment in a project. The risks of defaults, litigation and other potential financial damages are completely borne by Avichi
  • Unlike financial markets and stock markets, real estate market in the US is inherently local: different parts of the country may have different characteristics, for example from declining to low growth, stable, high growth etc. Certain parts of the country have still not recovered from their peak values before the 2007 recession (such as Phoenix), while the others have performed extremely well due to rapid economic expansion and job growth (such as Texas). Avichi is strategically active in both of these markets to provide the best returns to our investors as well as to diversify our asset base. It has formed strong partnerships with like-minded groups in California and Arizona to take advantage of the real estate markets in these areas. An individual investor, on the other hand does not have access to buying real estate in geographically diverse markets and is limited to operations in the local market.
Our investment model lets our investors minimize their risk while maintaining benefits. In our projects, our investors share partial ownership through regular dividend distributions. We also offer strategic investing though refinancing or 1031 Exchanges and Self Directed IRA funds
Self Directed IRA funds: Investors with individual retirement accounts can increase the size of their Self-Directed Retirement Account funds by using them for strategic real estate investments. A Self-Directed Retirement Account owner makes an investment decision on behalf of the retirement plan. The Internal Revenue Service requires the owner to have either a qualified trustee or custodian hold the asset on behalf of the owner. Generally, the trustee for the owner of a self-directed individual retirement account will maintain the assets, all transactions and other records pertaining to them. Most Self-Directed IRA custodians will permit their clients to engage in a wide variety of investments including real estate. Such investments can substantially increase the owner’s IRA account and help secure the owner’s financial situation during retirement years. It is a little-known but highly effective way to invest in real estate using IRA funds.
Don't wait to buy real estate. Buy real estate and wait
— Will Rogers - Actor
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